Welcome to Peng Lab.


  • Welcome to the applied mathematics laboratory headed by Linyu Peng, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University.

  • Research in this laboratory mainly focuses on the study of theoretical and applied mathematics, including geometric theories of finite-dimensional and infinite-dimensional continuous or discrete dynamical systems, structure-preserving numerical methods, applied information geometry, etc.
  • To Potential Members

  • Students and researchers at all levels are welcome to join our lab. If you are interested to join or visit us, please don’t hesitate to contact Prof. Peng or other current members.

  • NEWS

  • 2022.9.8-10   Y. Ono and L. Peng presented in 日本応用数理学会2022年度年会 at 北海道大学.

  • 2022.8   Ono--Peng paper is published by Signal Processing (IF: 4.729). PDF

  • 2022.7.31-8.5   Otake-Obata-Peng presented in WCCM-XV & APCOM-VIII at Yokohama; the speaker was M. Otake.

  • 2022.4   Ono--Peng (with other collaborators) published a paper in IEEE Transactions on Communications (IF: 5.083). PDF

  • 2022.4.1   M. Gunji, W. Matsuura and K. Miyamae joined the lab.

  • 2022.3.31   H. Ima and K. Sugawara graduated and left the lab.

  • 2021.11.17-19   Ono--Peng--Sato presented in ASPAI'2021 at Portugal; the speaker was Y. Ono.

  • 2021.7   Ono--Peng (with other collaborators) published a paper in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (IF: 4.931). PDF

  • 2021.4.1   H. Ima, H. Sato and K. Sugawara joined the lab.

  • 2021.3.31   K. Obata graduated and left the lab.

  • 2020.9.10   Homepage of Peng Lab was launched.

  • 2020.9.8-10   Peng--Obata gave a talk at JSIAM conference 2020.

  • 2020.4.1   Peng Lab was established. K. Obata, Y. Ono and M. Otake joined the lab.